My passion as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Pathmaker consultant is to help you discover and walk out your unique individual design. I'm here to encourage and support you as you discover your purpose, passion and how you can live it out so that you can fulfill your greatest potential. You matter! I believe that you have what it takes to live a life of significance and purpose. Contact me today to schedule a complimentary discovery session. All coaching and consulting packages are available via Zoom, telephone or in person.



If you're wondering if coaching is the right option for you I'd love to chat and answer your questions. Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery session. I'm looking forward to meeting you and seeing how I can support you as you discover and fulfill your passion and purpose!



The Pathmaker assessment and process created by Strategic People Development LLC is uniquely designed to help you “Discover what to do with who you are”. During our eight sessions (nine if you include the free discovery session) we will use assessments and in-depth conversation to unlock the purpose that you were created for. Before we begin you will choose if you would like to concentrate on professional purpose or personal purpose. By the end of the eight sessions you will have a purpose statement that has been created just for you. You will understand the part you play in relationships and/or teams, what will help you feel the most fulfilled in your work and relationships and the process you go through to make decisions and you will have created some next steps in living out your purpose and passion. 

The cost of this consulting package is $625 and includes six 60 minute consulting sessions, two 60 minute coaching sessions and "The Pathmaker" assessments. 



Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? Are you disillusioned with your current circumstances? Maybe time feels short and you look at your life and relationships and think...

Is this all there is?

What have I accomplished?

Where am I going?

Have I done anything of significance?

It's not too late! Together we can discover the legacy you'd like to leave behind and what you would like to accomplish. We will create a plan and set goals in order to help you live out your strengths and values and be the best version of yourself in your work, home, and relationships. Coaching is a process not a quick fix and I wanted that reflected in my package pricing. The more sessions you book showing your commitment to the process the more you will save. 

Coaching packages:

Exploration Package- 1 month of coaching that includes four 60 minute sessions $275 

Hiking On Package- 2 months of coaching that includes eight 60 minute sessions $550 a $50 savings

Scaling the Summit Package- 3 months of coaching that includes twelve 60 minute sessions $825 a $75 savings



Do you want to get out and get moving as you move forward into making the changes you need to live a fulfilled life? Then walk and coach is for you. Activity can often stimulate your brain in different areas and help provide greater personal insight and discovery. We will walk in all weather (except in dangerous conditions) because powering through unpleasant things can help build up resilience and grit that in turn will pay off as you work towards your goals. Together we will meet and walk as we work through the coaching process. 

Walk and Coach Pricing:

1 month of coaching including four 45 minute sessions $275