What Clients Have Said

Park in the Fall

"Pathmakers is a challenging, worthwhile experience. The process has helped me be brave enough to look beyond the surface level version of myself. 

Sarah is great at pulling out dialogue and asking the hard questions that make you dig deep to the core of who you really are. I was challenged to own the gifts and aspects unique to my design,especially the ones that I had buried because I didn't think who I was, was okay. 

Pathmakers has helped me learn to embrace both my strengths and weaknesses in a creative way. It's hard work pulling apart the layers but it's worth the risk! I highly recommend it!  Take notes!!"


Road to Monument Valley

"Working with Sarah ended up being a pivotal point in my life.  Having been affected by harmful labels of others, trying to meet expectations of others, and having been in a number of abusive relationships, I felt confused in my purpose and identity, my truth, and my voice.  
When I went through the Pathmaker process with Sarah, receiving her guidance and wise interpretation of my Pathmaker results, it helped me to really know that I was created the way I was created on purpose for a purpose.  
Having worked with her gave me affirmation in my identity, realizing the traits that I was instilled with were not bad, did not need to change, they just needed to be acknowledged and freely lived out.  This has allowed me to be comfortable in my own skin and confident in who I am, therefore being able to serve others in my gifting.
Sarah is insightful, kind, and able to meet you where you are at, to coach you in who you were designed to be, in order to go where you want to go and do what you want to do."


Gravel Road into the Forest

"Going through the Pathmaker curriculum with Sarah was great! I felt affirmed that I was in the right career and that my skills, abilities, and values were working in harmony. Creating the purpose statement was my favorite part of the process. I use it frequently to remind myself about what I was made to do and what it looks like for me to live out my purpose."