Where Do You Get Your Information?

Where do you gather or acquire information from? I'm not talking about what search engine you use or the amazing high IQ person you have in your life that knows everything. I'm talking about your internal process for gathering information. In "The Pathmaker" developed by Strategic People Development we talk about this in terms of Realist/Futurist.

A realist gathers information from the past (reality) they use their senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, hearing) to gather proven facts about a situation or circumstance. They tend to like to stick with established methods that have been proven, usually reach conclusions one step at a time and are often careful about facts, precision and sequence. My husband is a high realist and one of the things I both love and hate is the fact that he's rarely wrong when it comes to practical things (like if the amazing couch I want will fit in our space or not). He gathers information from what he has experienced and/or observed and makes decisions based on that information. And information from the past has already been proven and is rarely wrong.