Where Do You Get Your Information?

Where do you gather or acquire information from? I'm not talking about what search engine you use or the amazing high IQ person you have in your life that knows everything. I'm talking about your internal process for gathering information. In "The Pathmaker" developed by Strategic People Development we talk about this in terms of Realist/Futurist.

A realist gathers information from the past (reality) they use their senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, hearing) to gather proven facts about a situation or circumstance. They tend to like to stick with established methods that have been proven, usually reach conclusions one step at a time and are often careful about facts, precision and sequence. My husband is a high realist and one of the things I both love and hate is the fact that he's rarely wrong when it comes to practical things (like if the amazing couch I want will fit in our space or not). He gathers information from what he has experienced and/or observed and makes decisions based on that information. And information from the past has already been proven and is rarely wrong.

A futurist gathers information more through their futuristic sense or intuition and see possibilities that go beyond available information. They often see how things could be improved and don't prefer to do the same things repeatedly. They tend to follow inspiration and hunches and think of new ideas and ways of doing things. A futurist often has an amazing ability to see past was is to what could be. The information a futurist gathers often begins with "what if?"

For my husband and I this understanding about how we gather information to make decisions and respond to situations has helped our communication tremendously. Like I said earlier he's a high realist and gathers all his information from the past. It's difficult for him to see the possibility for change. When we first discovered this and started having conversations about it we discovered that he had gathered a lot of information about how I respond and react to situations based on our first few years of marriage and that after almost 20 years of marriage he based our relationship on those reactions and responses (we all know how mature we are in our early twenties.) I'm a split 5/5 realist/futurist. I can recall all kinds of facts from the past to base my reactions and responses off of. However, I can also be extremely optimistic and see forward to all the possibilities. The way that I react and respond is based on information I've gathered either from the past or something that I have dreamed up for the future. My response changes according to which part of my brain is gathering all that data at that precise moment. I'm sure you can see the potential for conflict. My poor Hubby felt like he never knew what to expect from me. Since recognizing our differences in this area we have learned to value the strength and wisdom we each bring to a situation. I married my husband because I needed someone who was steady and reliable and he married me because he needed someone who could see more than just the past. Someone to help him dream.

Who do you have in your life that is opposite to you?

How do you balance each other out?

Where do you get. your information?

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