What Does Purpose Look Like?

Updated: May 12

There is a lot of talk these days about purpose. Personal purpose, business purpose, family purpose and I love them all! Without purpose we wander aimlessly through our lives with no direction and without personal fulfillment and passion. How sad is that? All this talk about purpose brings up a really good point. How do I define purpose and figure out what mine is? This is one of the things I really love about "The Pathmaker." Created by Strategic People Development it walks you through discovering your personal purpose. We go through your interests, abilities and values and through in depth conversation discover the unique things that make up your personal purpose statement. One of the best moments in walking someone through putting together their purpose statement is when I see the relief on their face when the core of who they are is seen, heard, validated and accepted.

For me discovering my purpose felt like putting on comfy clothes. I had resisted my design and purpose for so long because I believed the negative things I'd been told about who I was. For as long as I can remember I've been told that I'm stubborn and strong willed, unfriendly and intimidating. Since I care deeply about people I don't want to be any of those things! I want to be kind, safe, compassionate and strong for people that can't be strong for themselves and, you know what? I am all those things. I have a strong sense of conviction and right and wrong. I'm more reserved and shy than outgoing and I prefer small groups of people to large crowds. All these character traits interpreted from someone else's viewpoint and possible woundings look like me being stubborn, strong willed, unfriendly and intimidating. It wasn't until I recognized the truth behind the things that I truly value that I was able to accept who I am and what I'm designed to do. My personal purpose statement is "I must live a life of conviction and passion in order to encourage, inspire and equip others to do the same." I am made to inspire others to live out their purpose with conviction and passion. I'm made to encourage and equip others. I'm made to care deeply for people! I'm not stubborn and strong willed, unfriendly and intimidating! I'm passionate and full of conviction that people are valuable and have purpose and something important to do in this world. I am made to inspire, encourage and equip others to live out their passion fully and whole-heartedly.