Unique People

Updated: May 11

Do you have anyone in your life who drives you crazy? A spouse, a co-worker, a friend? Yes, it's probably the person who's name just popped into your head. What is it about them that drives you crazy? How they dress, how they communicate or don't, how they never finish projects they start or maybe their need for details and perfection? Some of the people I love most drive me bonkers sometimes! To be fair... I drive them a bit crazy too.

When I first did the Pathmaker assessment I had so many light bulb moments. It was so stressful for me to do projects with a group of people. Inevitably we'd have some that asked a gazillion questions and found all the things that weren't going to work. We'd have the people that talked a ton but didn't really say anything and some who didn't say anything at all. Some people would come up with crazy ideas that I wasn't even sure where a part of the conversation we were having. Some would wander around not paying attention to what was going on and start doing their own thing and others would step up and try to make decisions and delegate tasks that we hadn't even finished formulating yet. Oh my! What a disaster! Me... I was always in the middle trying to help everyone come to an agreement. No wonder it stressed me out! I didn't understand at that time that we all fill a unique role on a team. Our role is influenced by our values and purpose but also by how we communicate and relate with others. I've often found that we are wounded in our design. The area that we are strong in is often one that has been critiqued and that we try to stuff down and not use. I hated that I was always in the middle trying to find common ground. As you can imagine it put me in the middle of conflict and disagreement frequently. The truth is that I'm really good at seeing both sides of a situation. I'm good at communicating with people to help the see someone else's perspective. I'm actually made to be in the middle but until I learned to accept and embrace my role I just felt like I was trying to wear a shirt as pants and it was super uncomfortable (definitely not how they are made to be worn.)