The Power of Disappointment

I'm so disappointed! I've been planning a trip to see my daughter and her husband whom I haven't seen in almost a year and over the last few days (two days before I was planning on leaving) my plans have completely fallen apart. I don't get to go, I'm not sure when I'll get to, and there's nothing I can do to change the situation. The circumstances are hard to wrap my head around and I've been extremely frustrated with the whole process.

I was heartbroken and disappointed then angry then heartbroken again. I've never been great at expressing my emotions. I tend to stuff them down so that my emotional reactions don't effect other people. I've been working on expressing my emotions in healthy ways and this time that involved a lot of tears. My poor husband was the lucky recipient of my sobbing and angry venting. Over the last few days as I've processed through my emotions I realized a few things about myself.

1. I like to get my way. I get super frustrated when things don't go according to my plan and I have an extremely difficult time trusting that other people are looking out for me.

2. I can throw a fit like a two year old. No explanation needed on this one.

3. When push comes to shove I truly believe that all things work out for good. I believe that there is a larger purpose and goal to life than my own wants and desires and I trust that when plans are changed God has a better one in place.

4. I needed a disappointment so that I would remember and refocus my attention on the bigger picture.

My conclusion is that even though I'm still disappointed that I don't get to go see my daughter and I miss her terribly this isn't the end of the world. I'm grabbing on to this time (my calendar is clear) to focus on some other things that I needed to accomplish. This isn't wasted time it's only redirected time. I will see my daughter! I'm already planning my next opportunity to visit! In the meantime I won't sit in the slimy pit of disappointment and dwell on all the could have beens. I will embrace today and tomorrow and the next day as an opportunity to live out my purpose with passion and conviction in spite of disappointments. Maybe even because of them...

What do you do with disappointment?

What is it teaching you?

What do you need to remember?

I'd love to help you get started in moving past your disappointments to live out your design with passion and purpose! Check out my website at and schedule a free consultation.

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