The Beauty of Chaos

I hate chaos! I value peace and serenity and diligently avoid chaos. To me chaos has always been unsafe, unpredictable and unreliable, and these are all things that contradict my values of safety, dependability and responsibility. While I highly value flexibility and creativity I find it difficult to respect chaotic people and organizations. I personally find it difficult to operate in those kinds of environments, and have a hard time understanding how others can.

It's super interesting to think about the impact my values have on my ability to cope with chaos. When taking people through The Pathmaker assessment I love discussing how they impact the world around them and feel value and worth through their impact style. One of the things we commonly find is that people who are different from us in this area tend to irritate us. I'm a Cooperator/Analyst so as a cooperator I like to impact the world around me by creating infrastructure that helps others accomplish awesome things. As an analyst I value doing things correctly and tend to put that pressure on others as well (yes, that's my bad). I prefer being able to work within an established structure. As I re-read the last few sentences It's pretty apparent why I don't care for chaos. I don't naturally enjoy and appreciate the beauty in it or the opportunities it creates. I know some amazing people who are made to bring order to chaos and I stand in awe of them when they do it really well. It takes amazing talent to be the voice that others can hear over the noise and bring calm and order to a situation. One of the most beautiful things about chaos is the need to be creative and innovative. Chaos gives us the opportunity to develop our ability to dream, problem solve and discover creative solutions. For some of us that can be challenging and difficult while others thrive in that environment. Chaos gives everyone an opportunity to grow but the beauty has to be embraced so that it can do it's work.

For some people (me) it feels like hugging a cactus, and I can never see the benefits until after that chaotic season has passed and I can look back and see the lessons I learned through it. For others it will feel exhilarating to be in a chaotic season because it brings out their gifts and talents. All of us need chaos so that we can find the peace and order on the other side of it. Being self aware and recognizing our strengths and weaknesses as we manage chaos in our lives, work and families can help us create strong habits that will carry us through the storm to the calm on the other side.

What are your thoughts about chaos?

How do you handle chaos?

What do you discover on the other side of chaos?


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