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As I begin to write this post, I am answering a list of questions to cover the topic at hand. The

first question is "who are you?" This is a difficult question to answer. The typical answer we give is about what title I hold in society. But is that who I am?

Who I am is the daughter of a King! I am a Child of God, Saint and Citizen of Heaven, justified, redeemed and forgiven; complete in Christ. I am His workmanship, free from condemnation and chosen and appointed to bear good fruit. But if you want to know what I do with my time, I'm the Restoration Pastor at Real Life on the Palouse in Moscow, Idaho. Probably by my answer to the first question, you will be able to guess the answer to the second question of “what are you most passionate about,”the answer is, to see people and understand who they truly are. ‘Who am I?’ and ‘what do I do?’ are interrelated questions for me, but they are also very different questions. When teaching on our identity, The Church often does a good job of explaining who I am in Christ. I just gave you a sampling of the many facets of who I am in Christ. This is true of all of God’s children and it is very important to know these truths. But not so often do we discuss the question ‘what is my personal identity?’ How am I different than you in my gifting and therefore in my purpose. Sometimes through school or life experiences we may stumble upon our purpose. But to believe that God has designed me specifically for a purpose with unique giftings is less discussed. I came across my purpose by life experiences and yet I see the hand of God directing me and shaping me from my teenage years. From the beginning of my Christian walk I can see that I was shaped as a discipler.

Oh, my gifts needed refinement, training, and maturity…but they were there. After many years of difficult trials where I found I was all alone and felt lost at sea, God gave me a passion that no one should have to walk in the darkness alone. The passion made me want to study first for my own healing and also that I could walk more capably with others. In pursuing my own healing I obtained several certificates of Christian counseling. As I began to use these gifts in Celebrate Recovery, I got confirmation from others that my ministry was helpful to them. I could see growth and healing in others because of the work God was doing in me. I think we find our purpose by doing the things that give us life and a sense of joy. I have often said, please don’t make me decorate anything…I’d rather talk to someone who is suicidal. This is because when I talk to someone suicidal and can give them a sense of hope I feel like I have walked in my purpose. That is NOT to say that I believe decorating is any less important. I can see the importance of making our surroundings beautiful, functional and orderly because God is a God of beauty, function, and order. These are important elements in our lives. It’s just that it is someone else’s gift. All are needed in the kingdom. Today, as I work in the area of recovery and restoration, I get to walk alongside of others out of the darkness and into the light. I have the joy of organizing classes that are led by people who have themselves walked out of the darkness and have now blossomed and they are using their gifts. I get to see people FREE; free from their hurts, hang-ups and habits. To me, there is no greater joy.

I think the most challenging part of my calling is that I actually don’t get to fix, rescue or save people. I wish I could. I only point them to the Savior. The person themselves is the one who needs to turn to the Lord. He who is always waiting to rescue. Sometimes a person isn’t ready to let go of control to trust the Lord and they go around the mountain again. I would encourage those who are looking for your purpose to look for what you have joy doing. Don’t look to see if you are excellent at it, but do you enjoy it. Excellence can be trained, refined and matured. Then, ask those closest to you what they would think of you pursuing the purpose. If most others caution you or don’t think it’s a good fit, you may want to rethink it. When my son was going into the Army, he needed to select what he wanted to be trained for. He came to my husband and I to ask what we thought of him being a cook. To the son who would go all day without eating because making a sandwich took too much effort, we discouraged him from pursuing this. Instead, we were able to encourage his unique gift of strategic thinking and he chose to go into being a medical support specialist.

Thirdly, asking the Lord to lead you should be done simultaneously. He is the one who made you for a purpose. He is the one who gave you your unique gifts. He is the one who placed you in this time and this culture. Do you think He would not answer this prayer? In my deepest pit of despair, I thought the Lord would never be able to use me again. But instead, he has fashioned the years of despair into exactly what was needed for my work today. In recovery/restoration we like to say, “God has taken my mess and made a message.”

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