Shane Needham Ph.D. - Purpose, Passion, Perseverance and a Never Be Outworked Mindset

I am Shane Needham. I am a disciple, father, friend, entrepreneur, scientist, bodybuilder, powerlifter, podcaster and philanthropist. I believe in Jesus Christ. I have four children. I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry. I own a pharmaceutical testing laboratory in Moscow, Idaho. I am a state champion powerlifter. I am a regional champion bodybuilder. I have a podcast called Secrets of Success with Dr. Shane Needham.

I discovered my passions as a youth. I was good in science and had a desire to do my own thing – the ultimate liberty. I was also blessed with a good work ethic, perseverance, strength and a good physique. In order to provide for myself and family, I took the gifts that God gave me and set goals to get an education in science. Through my first career science job, I realized it was time to start my own business. Thus, I jumped off a cliff, prayed and worked and made the leap in 2000 to start my lab. Ultimately, after many years of travel, working many hours, I was able to start living other passions in my life including wrestling coach, and bodybuilding and powerlifting. I took the gifts God gave me and lived life with a purpose to ultimately provide me with liberty of time and financial resources to live other passions in my life.

My vision/purpose in life is: Glorify God and leave a legacy for my children. This is recited to me each morning from my Alexa when I wake up. My mission is: inspire people every day (recited by Alexa every day). My identity is: I do whatever it takes. I am confident, fun, caring and easy going. I have good character. I positively influence people every day. I am an improving disciple, dad, friend, coach, entrepreneur, scientist, bodybuilder, powerlifter and podcaster (again recited to me every morning from Alexa). Daily habits including thoughts we put in our minds are crucial to success. Our thoughts affect our emotions. Our emotions affect our behavior. Our behavior affects our performance. I attempt each day, to reflect on at least one thing I did to Glorify God for the day.

The challenge for me and most people in “living their passion” is the poor advice we get from society in the term go “live your passion”. I disagree with this statement. The better method is to find out what you are good at, become a master at it and the rewards will be fulfilling and it will become a passion! Instead of “go do your passion” I recommend, “Be passionate about what you do!” If you want to “play guitar” or “wrestle” as a passion, does it match your purpose/vision if you can’t provide for yourself or your family? Can you set aside those passions for a future date after you have developed financial freedom to live those passions? I have done many things in business and in my life, not because I was passionate about it, but because my family had to EAT! I wouldn’t be glorifying God, if I lived my passion yet my family was starving. Be willing to sacrifice the moment to live for the future with full passion!

To find your passion, determine what you are good at! This may not be what you “like”. But it is a gift that God wants you to use, He gave it to you for a reason. Find what you are good at! Become good at it! Master it! And do it with passion! The rewards will be bountiful! To stay on track, write down your purpose/vision and then write down your mission (how will you accomplish the vision). A mission and vision statement should be seven words or less. A mission statement may change over time. A vision statement should endure for many years. Then everything you do daily, should line-up with your mission and vision statements. If they don’t, change the path. Keep in mind my mission statement, used to be “…provide xx dollars for my family, make xx dollars as a business…”, as my life developed my mission changed. Set goals to line-up with your mission and vision statements – live them daily. Do your habits line-up with your goals; How you eat? How you exercise? How you meditate? How you pray? How you speak?

If you are struggling to live out your passion, I highly recommend you find/develop good friends and family members for advice. Look also for mentors who may have done what you want to accomplish. And for sure have a primary partner who supports you! These people can help you find and live your passion as they will be advocates and honest. If the people around you don’t support your vision, you need to make serious decisions on who you want to stay close to. All the people you surround yourself with you should ask the question; Do I like their character? Is the relationship reciprocal? Do they build-up me and others? Would I want my children to be like them? Can I trust them with my words/information? If any of these questions is NO, then FIND new people to surround yourself with. The old adage applies, “if you lay with the dogs, you will get fleas”. A small circle of confidants is better than a crowd of questionable character.

Go out and live a passionate life! Stay Strong and Never Be Outworked!

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