Rough Seas

I hope you're enjoying the tail end of summer I know I am! I saw a tree today with half it's leaves turning orange and I'm sooooo not ready for fall yet (insert whining and groaning here). I'm not much of a pumpkin spice kind of girl. I love fall weather just not what comes after it. thank you! With these precious last few weeks of summer we've been having some fun adventures.

A couple years ago my MIL gave us an 1983 pontoon boat and it's been sitting waiting to be used. It's a bit of a fixer upper but I don't have much patience with projects that are sitting waiting for me. Especially the ones I can't do anything about aka my husbands projects. This summer I started telling my husband that if we weren't going to fix it and use it we should just get rid of it and... he started working on it. So we've taken it out a few times in the last couple weeks and it's been great. It still needs some work but at least it floats...mostly. This last weekend we took it out and took my 83 year old grandma, a couple friends and there two dogs with us and we learned that we have a lot to learn about boating. Number one, check the weather. Number two, don't hit waves head on in a pontoon boat especially not when three of your passengers are sitting in the front. I'll let your imagination run wild for a minute before I tell you what happened.

As we were getting ready to head out on the lake the sheriff was there checking out the boats launching. No problem there, we had everything in order but while he and my hubby where talking he mentioned that they were expecting winds up to 30 or 40 mph. Not being extremely familiar with boating we thought no problem we'll go the route the sheriff suggested up the river and we'll be great. However, in order to get to the river you have to cross the lake. We set out and it was a little choppy but not to bad. Then, other boats starting going by us and that caused waves on top of already choppy water. We hit a wave head on with the front of the pontoon boat and the front of the boat went under water. It's interesting how different people react in a scary situation. My husband did exactly the right thing, he put it in reverse. My friend ran to the back of the boat to distribute the weight more evenly... great thinking. Me? I did nothing. The front of the boat stayed under the w