Purpose...Motivated Role...Impact Style= Passion (Part 2)

Relationships, even the best ones are hard and take a lot of consistent work. We're surrounded by relationships; home relationships, work relationships, friends. How do we not only survive in our relationships but keep them healthy and growing? How do we live out our design, passion and purpose in our relationships?

We learn to appreciate each others differences. It sounds simple doesn't it? But have you ever tried to appreciate someones differences in the middle of a conflict? My husband and I are extremely different! One of the issues that has often caused conflict between us is how we gather information. He's a realist, he gathers information from the past and determines what the future will be like. His thinking usually falls in the realm of "if we fought about this before we're going to fight about it now and we will definitely fight about it again later." I am split 50/50 realist/futurist which means I gather information half from the past and half looking into the future. My thinking usually falls in the realm of "we fought about this before and we might fight about it again but, maybe not, today is a new day." I tend to downplay our conflict and he tends to anticipate the outcome as being just like last time. How this plays out if we don't recognize and appreciate where each other are coming from is that we both walk away feeling misunderstood, unheard and like our perspective isn't valued. When we appreciate and acknowledge our different perspectives we communicate much differently. I recognize and value that he sees potential pitfalls (he's saved us from disaster more than once) and he recognizes and values that I can see a future where anything is possible and we don't have to continue having the same conflict over and over.

The freedom to be exactly who we are is priceless! It's a gift we can give ourselves and it's a gift we can give to those we are in relationship with. What if next time you're in the middle of a conflict instead of getting mad you get curious about the other persons perspective? What if you ask questions instead of assume you already know the answer? What if you appreciate that they are a unique individual who is different from you and that's ok? In fact... that's a gift!

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