Purpose... Motivated Role... Impact Style = Passion

In my "Finding your Pathway" sessions we discuss the things that are vital to have in place to feel like you are succeeding in life and in your career.

1. Purpose: You were created to do something that only you can do. Your purpose takes your interests, abilities and core values and combines them to create your purpose. When you're living out your purpose you will have a strong sense of self and that you are living true to who you are.

2. Motivated Role: You play a specific role on a team and in your relationships. In fact you do it so naturally you probably don't even realize that it's what you're doing. You may not value the part you play because you haven't realized that not everyone does what you do. Often our motivated role is a source of shame and is something that we try to suppress in order to be like someone else. The sad thing is then people in our lives get a hollow version of us. A shell of who we truly are. And, we settle for never being good enough or accepted and valued for who we truly are. Living in your motivated role pays off in the way that you work and communicate with others.