Pamela Hardin, Finding Passion and Purpose Through Pain

I am Pamela Hardin. I find my identity in Jesus Christ. I am a beloved daughter of the Most High God, a wife, a mother of four amazing adult children and two perfect poodles, a counselor, a coach, a writer, a researcher, a student, a teacher, and a friend.

I am passionate about continuing to grow my relationship with my husband, Bob, and loving my family well. Exercise and healthy eating are now part of my DNA. I have a heart for people who find themselves stuck ~ whether in a cycle of anxiety or depression, an unhealthy relationship, a life transition, or on a quest to know God intimately and intentionally.

I am an avid reader and researcher of all topics. My teaching career included many years spent with first graders, kindergartners, preschoolers, and their beautiful families. Confession Time… I often found myself more enthralled with the relationships and social issues surrounding teaching than the actual academic content of the job.

God revealed my purpose as only He can ~ often in the rearview mirror as I look back over my life. My last teaching assignment was at a University Lab School. The families I served often struggled ~ with poverty, domestic violence, parenting challenges ~ you name it. I fell deeply in love with serving them and found myself relying moment by moment on Jesus. A summer mission trip to Haiti and leading a small group at our church further sharpened my vision. But, I was left with a restlessness, a quest for purpose; there was still a missing piece.

Who knew that the missing piece would fall into place through a health crisis?! I came home from Haiti in 2012 and my husband and I both sensed my purpose and my passion were soon to be revealed by God. We waited. And waited. And waited. The months rolled by into May 2013. In the span of four short weeks, our daughter graduated from college, married, and mov