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Hi, My name is MaryAnn and I am an artist. I am honored that Sarah would think enough of me that she would want to include me in her blog! What a wonderful compliment, thank-you, Sarah!

First, being an artist is not about painting or singing or dancing. There are many of those who aren’t artists. Being an artist about seeing the world differently and then translating it in a way that others can receive a type of nourishment that they would not get conventionally. Consider it the ‘trace minerals’ of a balanced diet! Actually some of the artists I admire most are businessmen. They are artists at business. Or artists at ministry. Or artists at Zumba, Yep! They do what they do in a way that is creative and unconventional, bringing to the world something unique, something that’s never been. Only artists can do that.

So, my passion is to feel God’s presence in unconventional ways and circumstances. This lights my fire faster than anything else on the planet! How did I discover this calling? I’ve always been an artist, but I guess it’s taken a lifetime of living to actually claim it. I struggle with a lot of doubt, and I’ve only called myself an artist for the past three or four years. It followed the grueling life and untimely death of my youngest child. I guess watching Siloam’s life and death taught me how to number my days. Really, why live something that you’re not? It’s a waste of time. Before this I never felt worthy of calling myself an artist. But now, it just is, and it’s funny, once you acknowledge your calling, how things aligned with that calling just fall into your lap. It’s almost like God says, ‘Ok, now that you have enough faith in Me to claim it, here are some jobs for you!’

That being said, walking in your calling isn’t always easy. It involves a tremendous amount of rejection, doubt, and risk, and it hasn’t been any different for me. I feel like I’ve fallen flat on my face more times than I can count when it comes to being an authentic human being, but I’ve learned that having supportive people around you makes all the difference. This has

been a tricky lesson for me, particularly as an Enneagram 4 Artist. It’s very tempting to go it alone, but I’m so thankful for the wonderful people God has put into my life to love on and be loved by. Particularly my husband, Jonathan, and my three living children, Lance, Felicia, and Nathan, they are truly my richest treasure.

So, currently the physical forms of my artist calling show up in owning three businesses and at least as many projects. (Yes. I’m part crazy, too.) I’m a part-time piano teacher, I currently teach about fifteen children. I like to make them sing when they’re playing. We have a lot of fun. I’m a Face Painter at our local Farmer’s market. The Joy-reaction kids show when they see their face painted is like nothing else in the world. It is so pure, so God-like. I’m completely addicted. Someday, I hope to paint children’s faces in a Children’s Hospital. My third business is the newest. I sell abstract paintings. During Covid, I couldn’t face paint anymore, so I took to painting canvases instead. I’m an environmentalist and I am able to use scraps from Jonathan’s remodeling business to make my paintings. I have definitely had a learning curve when it comes to marketing myself in this newest venture, but hopefully in time my paintings will gain traction.

My ongoing projects include working on a journaling planner that follows a Bible reading plan with weekly themes. The planner itself is basically finished, but I want to collaborate with other women to write a bang-up devotional that goes with it! If it works out, it will be my first collab, which is huge for me! I’m hoping to work on it soon. I garden a lot. Gardening can be an art form. It’s definitely therapy. As is music, I’ve written a few songs from Bible Psalms. I sung them to Siloam when she was here on this earth.

As an artist, I don’t know what part of my calling is going to nourish others. If it’s in front of me and I’m inspired, (and have time), I do it. God can work out the results any way He sees fit.

So what would I say to someone trying to find their calling? Yes, I would definitely have a few things to tell them. I admit that I’m pretty opinionated.

First, don’t sweat it. If you’re following God you’re already walking in your calling, whether you recognize what you’re doing or not. He knows what direction He’s taking you.

Second, if you do finally get to name what you’re here to do, God gives you this name on purpose. Name the calling, not it’s material form. The purpose of the name is so you can take a step of faith in its direction. You may be a healer, a teacher, an artist, a leader, a builder, an entrepreneur, a caretaker, an entertainer, a salesman/woman, an investigator, there are thousands. But if you’re called to be a healer, call yourself a healer and not a nurse. This opens you up to God’s possibilities, most of which you can’t see. Then when you do see the physical form of your calling, take pleasure in and nourish it without expectation. This is a gift to you from the Father, and then you get to give it to others. The material form is much less important to name. It figures itself out once you know your purpose.

Speaking of expectation, remember that the outcome of following God’s will for you will always bless others, but you don’t get to pick how this takes physical form. It may not, actually. But you may have just convinced someone else to believe in something again. You may have just given somebody else the hope they need to do what God has called them to do. You never know how God is going to use your talents. Don’t limit it to your own expectations. I have to be reminded of this all the time by others. It’s tough when you really want something specific to happen!

You’re calling is something you’re designed for. God’s designs are never on accident. You’re most likely already doing what you’re called to do somewhere in your life. You’re probably good at it and it gives you joy. Joy is a gift, so let it lead you where you need to go to bless others!

You can find MaryAnn at:

SongWagon Studios. (Piano lessons). Facebook: @songwagonstudios

ColorWagon Studions (Face Painting). Facebook: @facepaintingbymaryann

MaryAnn’s Modern Art (Modern abstract and semi-abstract paintings). Facebook: Instagram: @maryannsmodernart

My Journal planner (a sneak peak from awhile ago), Instagram: @followinggodjournalingplanner


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