MaryAnn Fiorillo- Living out Purpose through Creativity

Hi, My name is MaryAnn and I am an artist. I am honored that Sarah would think enough of me that she would want to include me in her blog! What a wonderful compliment, thank-you, Sarah!

First, being an artist is not about painting or singing or dancing. There are many of those who aren’t artists. Being an artist about seeing the world differently and then translating it in a way that others can receive a type of nourishment that they would not get conventionally. Consider it the ‘trace minerals’ of a balanced diet! Actually some of the artists I admire most are businessmen. They are artists at business. Or artists at ministry. Or artists at Zumba, Yep! They do what they do in a way that is creative and unconventional, bringing to the world something unique, something that’s never been. Only artists can do that.

So, my passion is to feel God’s presence in unconventional ways and circumstances. This lights my fire faster than anything else on the planet! How did I discover this calling? I’ve always been an artist, but I guess it’s taken a lifetime of living to actually claim it. I struggle with a lot of doubt, and I’ve only called myself an artist for the past three or four years. It followed the grueling life and untime