Mary Ann Sibley- A Passion to See Leaders Win for the Kingdom!

Hey! My name is Mary Ann but, like most of us, I come with many other names. I’m a wife, a sister, a mom, a daughter, a dog-lover, chainsaw enthusiast, chocolate (dark of course) partaker, travel dreamer, foodie and the one who cooks the food, cheerleader for the local church and a ninja when it comes to coaching leaders.

My passion is seeing people win! From competing in sports to games at home to achieving a goal, there is something about cheering the team, the person who has trained, studied and put in the time and wins. I love the stories on America’s Got Talent, the Olympics and in our own communities, about the one who everyone else rejected, marginalized, counted out or not even considered, perseveres, shows up for their passion and win. You will find me jumping up and cheering every time!

I especially love seeing people win in the small, daily wins. Where God amplifies his grace in the people he loves. When God’s ridiculous generosity is displayed through a smile, a fist bump, a colorful kid bandage or an opportunity to pray for someone. Winning is my favorite!

I guess you can say that winning can be traced, in part, to living in the “as is” bin, a half-breed, a label which came from “church people.”

I love seeing people win because I know what it feels like to lose.

After forty years, I met Jesus and I know that the best wins are in