Living on the Edge

Have you ever wondered what makes some people yearn for adventure, adrenaline and danger? I have! I'm a safe person. I like risk only when I can see what the outcome will be. Which really isn't risky at all :) I have many family members that enjoy risk in various forms. They love the adventure and the uncertain outcomes. They love the thrill of not knowing what's going to happen next. I admire that... in other people. I don't want to live on the edge. That's not who I am but, sometimes I wish I were.

Risk is a value that some people have. It's something they MUST do or they deny a part of themselves. It's something that can't be taught or trained. Risk doesn't have to be skydiving and hiking through a jungle. Risk can be negotiating to get the best deal on a vehicle or house or having difficult conversation. Risk can be investing in real estate or flipping houses. Risk is different for different people. The other high values and the purpose that someone has will determine what risk looks like for them. Something to remember if you are a person that highly values the thrill of risk, beware the dark side! If you don't find healthy ways to risk and find adventure it comes out somewhere; gambling, addiction and self harm are some of the unhealthy risks that may emerge if you're not careful. My challenge to you is to find something healthy that you love to do; kayaking, mountain climbing, skydiving or investing to name a few. Take healthy risks, enjoy the adventure!

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Until then... live your purpose!

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