Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Do you know anyone who stretches the truth as far as it will go? Someone that exaggerates and you feel like tries to talk you into things constantly. Chances are they relate to the world through their words and want to make in impact on others through the things the say. In"The Pathmaker" developed by Strategic People Development we call this impact style a persuader. A persuader is someone who gains value and worth by making an impact on others by using their words.

When used in a positive way these people have encouraging, positive and motivational conversations with others. When overextended they tend to manipulate, exaggerate and straight up lie. You might think that that sounds a bit extreme and it is. A pastor I know once said that we don't sin in our weaknesses we sin in our strengths and I've found that to be consistently true not only in the people I know but in myself. Even when I try to suppress my strengths and abilities they ooze out somewhere. If I don't give myself permission to live in my gifting I constantly trip over it because even if I don't want it it's still there. The same can be said of a high persuader.

A gift that when used well has the ability to stop wars and change lives forever used too much in the wrong way becomes a liability. The best think we can do for the overextended persuaders in our lives is acknowledge and validate the good, true, positive things they say. We can let them know how much we appreciate them sharing their thoughts or opinions and that what they said made an impact on you or in the situation or conversation. After validating the truth of their words we can also ask questions without judgment or criticism. Questions like; "Was the fish you caught really 32 inches?" or "Wow, did 3000 people really view your video?" Often times they will squirm a little and tame down their exaggerated story. Sometimes they will get angry and defend their words because they're embarrassed to be caught in a lie. But, they will also know that you were listening to them and valuing what they shared.chances are in your next conversation they will be a little more truthful with you because they know you're listening.

What can you do to truly hear the persuader in your life?

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Until next time...

Live out your design, purpose and passion!

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