Cliff & Arlene Dudley- A Passion to Serve & Minister

We are lovers of God and followers of Christ. We are Cliff and Arlene Dudley, husband and wife, parents to Tristen and Genesis and CFO and CEO of The Genesis Project Inc.

What are you most passionate about?

Cliff: I’m passionate about helping others in the name of Jesus and putting Christ on display in my actions and attitude daily.

Arlene: I’m passionate about showing the love of Christ and telling the world of our risen savior and letting the world see the light of Christ in me.

How did you discover or how did you know what your purpose was?

Cliff: Most of my life I didn’t know what my purpose was but approximately 18 months ago I began to seek God fervently through prayer and fasting for Him to show me my purpose and to direct my steps. In September 2019, hurricane Dorian made landfall in the islands of the Bahamas completely destroyed the Abaco islands and killing many. I knew then and there I needed to go and provide disaster relief in the island. I knew God was calling me. I knew this was my purpose. Looking back at my work experience as a contractor and handyman I know now God was preparing me to use my skills to bless others.

Arlene: Even though I was brought up a Christian, I was not living for Christ. I was nothing more than a bench warmer. Then over 15 years ago I give my life to Christ and immediately I knew my purpose was to show the love of Christ to all and to touch and change the world for Him.

How do you live out your purpose daily?

Cliff: I live out my purpose by giving my first of each day to God and pray for direction from the holy spirit. During my day I use Facebook as my prayer list to pray for family, friends, and the world.

Arlene: I live out my purpose by living intentionally. I seek out people and situations to love on people, to find those who are hurting, to send a text or message of encouragement even when I may be hurting and to give a compliment or tell a random stranger about God. I truly think that’s important. But the most important thing I do to live out my purpose is to ask God daily to guide me, to grant me wisdom for me to be in tune with the holy spirit.

What are some challenges you run into following your purpose?

Cliff: I think my two major challenges were fear and distractions. Fear of failure, situations and feelings of inadequacy had gripped me for years, but I am happy to report Christ has freed me from it. I believe the enemy can use our thoughts as a weapon to fill our heads with toxic thoughts or even excessively watching YouTube videos which in itself isn’t bad but can be detrimental if it has become an idol or distract you from spending time with God of fulfilling your purpose.

Arlene: I'm usually easily distracted. My mind is always racing which is a good and bad thing. So many ideas jump into my head which I believe can be a blessing to myself and others, but I know because something is good doesn’t mean that’s where God wants me. So, I constantly must refocus and give those ideas to God. I don’t want to be running ahead of God.

What will you say to someone who doesn’t know what their purpose is or is struggling to live out?

Cliff: First I’ll tell them to really seek God and remove themselves from any distraction and ask God for direction. It worked for me after seeking God during a fast.

Arlene: Hmmm... I truly believe the Bible tells us our purpose. Scripture says the greatest commandment is to love God and love others. That’s your purpose! That’s my purpose! I think sometimes we expect something big or grand but that’s not so. No matter where God leads you, He wants you to love Him and love others. So, pray and ask God for direction then go out and look for people to love on then God will show you where to direct that love. I know it works because I’ve seen it work in Cliff. He too was seeking his purpose while I was secretly praying that God would reveal it to him. Then approximately four months after starting our nonprofit organization and just pouring out love on others God revealed where He wanted Cliff to direct by working with Samaritans Purse rebuilding after natural disaster and loving on the families that lost their earthly possessions. Now, if you are struggling to live your purpose again, I say go to God. Only he through the holy spirit can renew your mind and keep you focus.

Let us tell you a little bit about The Genesis Project Inc. It is a Christian based nonprofit organization that we started in June 2019, to assist mainly single mothers and the elderly with food and necessities with the purpose of showing the love of Christ. We form relationships with our families, give them bibles and pray with them. Since March 2020, we have delivered over 700 care packages to families throughout Grenada West Indies with donations mainly from private citizens and out of pocket (don’t ask me how we did that. It’s Gods math lol). We’ve also partnered with friends to feed the homeless and distribute bibles. Before the pandemic we were raising funds, by baking and selling donuts, to build an orphanage in Botswana for street children and we pray we’ll be able to resume soon. We are also partnering with another nonprofit organization to provide clean and safe drinking water to a village in Uganda, medical assistance, and other support. Soon, we’ll be heading to the US where we’ll be looking for opportunities to show the love of Christ. We also have a YouTube channel called The Genesis Project Inc. where we share our testimony, scriptures and all that we do . You can also follow us in Instagram @thegenesisproject473, on our facebook page at The Genesis Project Inc. or email us at If you’ll like to know more about who we are, what we do or feel led to donate please contact us.



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