How do you handle change?

Is it something you pursue?

Is it something you avoid?

I grew up in a family where flexibility to change was required in order to stay sane. By the time I turned sixteen we had moved over 20 times. Even after I was on my own I was restless and enjoyed opportunities to experience new things, new places and new people. I lacked the skills to build strong roots in a community or in relationships. I think I had grown so accustomed to change that I didn't know how to not be in constant flex all the time. I married someone who was born and raised in the same small town where we lived for 15 years. Change, was never something he experienced much of and he's very cautious about it. It's funny but the longer we are married (24 years in a few weeks) it feels more and more like we are switching personalities. He's started to talk about all the things he'd like to do and experience and I'm settled in to the comfort of not being on the move and I'm enjoying the stability I now have in my life. Currently, I'm being challenged to learn how to adapt to change in a healthy way and he's learning that change is a good thing and something that can be embraced. I'm curious... how do you feel about change and what life circumstances have affected your ability to adapt?

I don't know about you but I love to learn about leadership and many leadership books talk about the need for flexibility and adaptability in a great leader. In other words the importance of becoming comfortable with change. The ability to adjust to change quickly and adapt to evolving circumstances is vital if we're going to live out our lives with purpose and passion. As a leader and a person that lives with purpose and passion others will critique us and challenge our every move until they can trust us and feel safe in our ability to adapt and lead well in the midst of change. It doesn't matter if you are a CEO of a large company, a leader in a church or community or a friend or parent, your ability to adapt to change is important to the people who look to you for leadership. When a leader flounders through change their followers flounder. When a parent is unable to remain calm during a stressful time of change the children feel anxious and afraid. As a person who lives with purpose and passion we are called to lead the way in adapting to change. Be brave gather as much wisdom as possible and make decisions even if you're not sure that they're the right ones. Stay calm and focused on the goal through difficult seasons of change or transition. The people who are following you will appreciate it and find safety and security in your leadership. The people who are watching you lead need to see you lead with purpose and passion especially through change. Here's a couple things to think about...

How do you tend to react when confronted with change?

Who do you have in your life that may be watching how you deal with change?

What are two habits you could put in place now that will help you lead through change?

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Until next time...

Live out your design with purpose and passion!

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