Brave Anyway!

Fear is a crazy thing! Fear doesn't have to make any kind of sense or be rooted in any sort of truth for it to stop us in our tracks. Personally, I have a totally unrealistic fear of snakes. I've never been bitten by one and I've never been chased by one (unless you count being chased with one by a boy in middle school) and yet I'm still afraid that they will run me down and eat me alive. Here's the really crazy part... I not only have a fear of snakes in general I have a fear that if I drive over one it will flip into the engine and crawl through the dash! Ahhhhhhh! Seriously... just writing it down is freaking me out! Some of you feel my pain and are shivering in your shoes alongside me and some of you are thinking "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" I've tried to reason my way out of my fear. I've shamed myself and told myself that I'm stupid to be afraid of something that (at least in my neck of the woods) is mostly harmless.

And yet... here I sit still afraid. My fear has kept me from doing many things that I love. It's a struggle for me to garden and do projects outside for fear that I'll catch a glimpse of my nemesis. My anxiety goes crazy when I'm by water or hiking through the woods. You may be asking yourself "How does this girl survive?" I'll tell you. I choose to be brave anyway! I choose to not let fear control my life and my activities. Some days are awesome and some days not so great. I still tend to be hyper-vigilant and jumpy outside. But, I choose to be brave anyway. I fight the battle everyday to live as I truly am and to not hide away in fear. Fear is powerful but it isn't more powerful than courage. In fact fear has to be present in order for courage to have a place to exist.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes and often we have experiences that reinforce our fear. Maybe we've been hurt in a relationship, lied to, abused, judged or gossiped about. Maybe we've witnessed others being mocked and ridiculed for their ideas and have made an inner vow to never be put in that position ourselves. Maybe we have a great imagination and have lived a thousand scenarios in our minds but have never actually risked living one of those scenarios out in real life.

What fear is holding you back?

Can you find courage in the face of your fear and be brave anyway?

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Until next time...

Live out your design, purpose and passion!

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