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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I believe that God made us to thrive in this world, not just survive. And while this world is not my ultimate home and someday the fullness of my relationship with God will be revealed in heaven, until that day comes, God has given me a clear purpose to partner with Him in restoring what sin broke in this world. And He designed me before I was even born to function in this world in a certain way to maximize God’s work in my life and how that can positively impact the lives of those around me.

Psalm 138 says that God knit us together in our mother’s womb. Proverbs 16 says that while we make plans for our lives, it is God who marks our steps. I believe that these two verses are connected. I think of it this way: when each one of us is conceived, God looked at the world and asked Himself this question, “What does the world need?” Then, He went into our mother’s womb and He made it. Said another way, you are a gift that God gives the world. Our sacred journey then becomes about understanding and applying that gift for the world.

And that is the catch. Trying to understand who we are and how we are made to function in the world is so important and yet feel, at times, so elusive to try to get to. So, in the interest of helping all of us take steps forward in fully living into our design, here are a few tips to help along journey as we work to become everything we were meant to be.

  • Trial and Error is still a great teacher. It is okay to experiment with lots of different opportunities in life to understand what gives us life and what we can be good at or not good at. Failing at things is as important as succeeding.

  • In John 15, Jesus says that He came that we could produce fruit and fruit that will remain. One of the fundamental questions we can ask ourselves is, “Where does my fruit remain?” In other words, what things to I do that consistently have a long lasting effect on myself and others?

  • What do other people say? We will always be better at seeing things in others than we are at seeing things in ourselves. Find trusted people who can speak truth in love to you and help you refine how you see your impact in the world – the good and the bad.

  • As you take hold of your purpose, people will try to get you to go back to who you were before you started changing. Change anyway! It will always be better for everyone involved in your life for you to be the best version of yourself even if others can’t see that at the beginning.

  • Growth is hard and keeping a growth mindset takes discipline and focus. While it is easier to try to find a place of rest, growth is always better.

  • Do hard things. When we do hard things, they become easier. Not necessarily completely easy, but easier. This is at the heart of growth. The only way to make hard things go away is to step into them. Avoiding hard things in life will only cause them to stick around way passed their usefulness.

  • Spend time with Jesus and Go! Get connected to your connection with Jesus. As you go out into the world, pay attention to what God does around you. Jesus will show you what He is after for your life if you pay attention. That takes some practice but keeping after it will always be helpful.

Living fully in your design is a dance. It takes practice and failure mixed in with success. You will always move in the right direction when you choose to press into that growth and change and stay willing and aware of what God has to show you.

What we find when we live intentionally in that space, is that God is quite a bit more involved and working around us than we ever thought possible.

May we always be people who work to become more aware of God’s work around us so that we can partner with Him to become everything that we were intended to be. That reality is at the core of thriving, not just surviving.

Aaron Couch is the Lead Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, CO. You can find more information about his church as well as contact him at


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