A Mental Cliff

Have you ever jumped off of a cliff?

I haven't and I'm not planning on doing it anytime soon. At least not a real physical cliff with rocks or water at the bottom. But, today, I'm jumping off a mental cliff. For years I've been afraid and insecure. Not knowing who I am as a person and not knowing what my purpose in life is. I knew that I wanted one (a purpose that is, not a cliff). But I had no idea how to put all the puzzle pieces together. I hear my voice repeating the lies I've so often heard and believed.

"You... finish something? Ya right!"

"No one listens to you! No one likes you! No one cares what you have to say!"

"You're a quitter you might as well not even start."

"You're going to fail! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

YUCK!!!! Even just writing those things out I can feel the power they hold over me. No more! No today! Today is the day to jump off a mental cliff and leave all the negative self talk behind. Today is a day to be brave and believe that God created me with a purpose and a passion. He created me to do something in the world that only I can do. Sure, others can do similar things, but they will never do it the same way I do. I'm the only one who can fill my shoes. The only one who has my experiences, my heart, my losses, my joys and my passion. No one gets to take that away today! Not even me!

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