4 Reasons Living on Purpose is Hard

Updated: Feb 19

Why is it so hard to live a purposeful and intentional life? I know for me there are a few things that frequently stand in my way.

Lack of Direction: When I'm not sure what I need to do next or am trying to operate in a chaotic environment I lose my direction. You can blame this on my Enneagram 9 but it's been consistently true for me. I'm a person who needs to always be headed a specific direction. I need goals, dreams, problems to solve and awesome things to do. If I don't have those things I lose personal direction and lack motivation. If I have a job that doesn't require anything more of me than to show up and do the same thing everyday or I'm unclear of the expectations placed on me I lose direction. I need something to pour my heart and soul into so that I can live my life on purpose.

Helping Others: I really enjoy helping others succeed and do amazing things. I love it when a team works together well or communicates through a conflict or problem and comes out on the other side better and stronger. I will bend over backwards to help people succeed. If you want someone who will be at your side through thick or thin I'm your girl.