2021 Living a Life of Passion and Purpose *Guest Blogs*

Living an intentional and purposeful life can sometimes feel discouraging and as we try to live it out we may feel alone or isolated. This year I want to celebrate all the amazing people that are truly living a life of passion and purpose and it's starting right here on my blog! I've reached out to some amazing people that I know and have seen living lives full of passion and purpose. I asked them to share their experiences and wisdom as they pursue living out their faith, careers and relationships intentionally with passion and purpose. I'm excited to share their wisdom and encouragement with you! I love being around people who are living their lives fully with passion and purpose!

They know where they're going and have a plan for getting there. They're persistent and have amazing grit when they encounter challenges. They're inspirational, encouraging and tenacious. People that live with passion and purpose are the kind of people that I want to surround myself with and I'm guessing you do too. Don't miss the amazing wisdom, encouragement and stories of people who are living the lives God created them to live!

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