2020 Holiday Blues

This year I have to say the holidays have me feeling down. I'm not sure exactly what it is... Maybe it's that life has changed so much in the last few years with kids leaving home and starting a new career as a life coach. Maybe it's all the stress and isolation brought on by COVID or the conflict all around me concerning the presidential election. Maybe it's the weather or maybe it's a combination of everything. When I think back over the last year I must admit it's been a rough one. So what is it that keeps me going as Christmas looms in a few days. Is it friends and family? Is it gifts and busyness? If it is, this Christmas will be completely disappointing!

I have a beautiful tree up and a decorated house and yet it still feels empty this year. I have gifts for family that won't be able to come to my house and lots of Christmas goodies that I can't share with them. In spite of the sadness that fills me when I think of all the things I can't have this Christmas it does make me remember that Christmas is so much more than what I've made it. Maybe like the rest of this year, this Christmas, is designed to get our attention and remind us of the things that are truly important. All year I have felt the call to remember that life is short and that our time on earth is a blink in eternity. I've felt the call to remember that my purpose as a follower of Jesus is a completely individual one. Even though my life affects others, I alone will stand before my maker when I die, and I alone will answer for my faith, my actions and the way I lived it out. I love my friends and family but I'm reminded they aren't where I find value, meaning, and freedom. I remember the moment I cried out to God to save me from myself. To save me from the chaos of my life and decisions. I remember the moment he did and the peace and joy that followed.

This year, I'm not going to just read the story of the birth of Jesus. I'm going to read about his death, burial and resurrection because the baby in the manger is just the beginning of the story. This Christmas I'm going to celebrate the joy of being loved and saved by Jesus.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyful Christmas!


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