Relationships and Personal Identity

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

2020 has been quite the year so far! Quarantine has definitely been an interesting experience that has highlighted some very large differences between my husband and I. One being, he's an extrovert and likes to be surrounded by noise and activity. He usually has music playing in the background while talking on the phone AND he talks to people he's never met before! He's an amazing man! And... amazingly different from me!  I love peace and quiet. A great day for me is me cuddled up alone with a great book or spending time with one or two friends. I'm sensitive to lots of noise. I watch TV or listen to music. I listen to music or talk on the phone. Can you see the potential for conflict? Relationships have a way of bringing out not only the amazing things about each other but the not so amazing things as well.

I firmly believe that the healthier I am and the more I deal with my own identity and self worth the better my relationships will be. I can never fully love and accept someone else's differences unless I can identify, accept and love my own. So... how do we get to the point where we can see who we are, accept and appreciate that we're different from others, accept the truth that we're not bad, and that they aren't either? How do we get to a point where we can see and value each others differences instead of be wounded by them? We learn, discover and grow!  I'd like to invite you to take a journey with me. Where we explore who you are, what you're made to do. We'll discover what you value most, and how you live that out personally and professionally. As a certified coach with "The Pathmaker" assessment I'd love to journey with you to discover your unique design, passion and purpose as well as how you live that out in your relationships and/or in your profession.

For now here's a couple questions to ask yourself as you start your journey of self discovery.

  1. If I could do one thing without fear of failing what would it be?

  2. Do I tend to "think" about situations or people or "feel" about situations or people?

  3. What legacy do I want to leave? What steps am I taking to make sure that's truly what people remember about me?

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