Purpose Surrendered- Saul of Tarsus and the Power of Change

Genesis 1:26 says “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” When God created us he made us in his image. In the same way our children share our characteristics we share the characteristics of God. In the same way a mirror reflects our likeness we are made to reflect the glory of

Mary and Martha- Discovering Purpose and Values

What does living out our purpose and design look like? Living out your purpose and design isn’t always big and flashy. Most of us dream about being the hero in a grand story. We don’t want to be the lowly supporting actor who only shows up during 5 minutes in one episode and is immediately killed off. Most of us don’t get rich and convert thousands by living out our purpose and design. We tend to base our value on our perception of the bigger picture. The things is, we don’t

MaryAnn Fiorillo- Living out Purpose through Creativity

Hi, My name is MaryAnn and I am an artist. I am honored that Sarah would think enough of me that she would want to include me in her blog! What a wonderful compliment, thank-you, Sarah! First, being an artist is not about painting or singing or dancing. There are many of those who aren’t artists. Being an artist about seeing the world differently and then translating it in a way that others can receive a type of nourishment that they would not get conventionally. Consider i

Mary Ann Sibley- A Passion to See Leaders Win for the Kingdom!

Hey! My name is Mary Ann but, like most of us, I come with many other names. I’m a wife, a sister, a mom, a daughter, a dog-lover, chainsaw enthusiast, chocolate (dark of course) partaker, travel dreamer, foodie and the one who cooks the food, cheerleader for the local church and a ninja when it comes to coaching leaders. My passion is seeing people win! From competing in sports to games at home to achieving a goal, there is something about cheering the team, the person who h

Marcia Moore Harrison- God, Self, Others and the Horse

Who am I? First and foremost, I am a child of God and I strive to honor Him with the gifts and talents He has given me. I am fifty-eight years old. I was adopted and am the only child of two very loyal and loving parents. I have two wonderful boys and two amazing daughter in-laws. Together they have given me four outstanding grandchildren. My passion is horses and I have encompassed many aspects of the equine industry into my business. I own a Training and Boarding Facility-

Aaron Couch- Living from Fullness, Not Scarcity.

I believe that God made us to thrive in this world, not just survive. And while this world is not my ultimate home and someday the fullness of my relationship with God will be revealed in heaven, until that day comes, God has given me a clear purpose to partner with Him in restoring what sin broke in this world. And He designed me before I was even born to function in this world in a certain way to maximize God’s work in my life and how that can positively impact the lives of

Bill Buckingham- Finding Purpose Through Community

“Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny.” - C.S. Lewis Many of us begin our journey with a heart full of dreams of what we could do, passions we uncover within ourselves, and a longing to make a difference in the world. However, there is often a problem. There are usually so many things we want to do that we can’t decide on what we should do. In those moments, many of us begin asking, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life? What’s my

Natalie J. Williams- Using Gifts and Talents to the Fullest

Hey all! I’m Natalie J. Williams, native Idahoan and lover of hiking, running, and the arts. When Sarah reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to write a blog post on living out your purpose, and how I am doing that personally, my initial reaction was “of course!” and then the follow up was, “gosh, I don’t think I’m qualified. I am nervous about this one, but I am not going to let the fear of failure or ‘what if’s’ stop me from a new opportunity. And that brings me

4 Reasons Living on Purpose is Hard

Why is it so hard to live a purposeful and intentional life? I know for me there are a few things that frequently stand in my way. Lack of Direction: When I'm not sure what I need to do next or am trying to operate in a chaotic environment I lose my direction. You can blame this on my Enneagram 9 but it's been consistently true for me. I'm a person who needs to always be headed a specific direction. I need goals, dreams, problems to solve and awesome things to do. If I don't

Living out my Purpose by Doing Hard Things

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it takes to live a life full of passion and purpose. What makes some people highly successful while others never quite get there? I've read leadership books, listened to podcasts about what it takes to be a great leader and attended conferences to develop my leadership skills. I look at highly successful people and have observed some common themes. They tend to be lifelong learners, highly self disciplined and consistently pushing th

Marty Solomon - A Passion for Speaking, Teaching and Preaching

I can remember being a junior in high school when our youth pastor resigned. The youth ministry went into an interim period of volunteer leadership and one of these leaders asked me if I would teach the lesson for an upcoming week. I had no training and I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I was excited and went with my best instincts. The lesson, all things considered, went great, and I can remember having this electric sense of fulfillment. I knew on some level, I was

The Beauty of Chaos

I hate chaos! I value peace and serenity and diligently avoid chaos. To me chaos has always been unsafe, unpredictable and unreliable, and these are all things that contradict my values of safety, dependability and responsibility. While I highly value flexibility and creativity I find it difficult to respect chaotic people and organizations. I personally find it difficult to operate in those kinds of environments, and have a hard time understanding how others can. It's super

Using Your Inner Grit when Living out Your Purpose

As I write this, I have several large projects looming. Some of them are fun and I want to do them while others are necessary (which is a nice way of saying I don't like them and wish I was doing something else). This is where grit kicks in. Grit is defined as courage, resolve and strength of character. Grit helps us keep going when we don't want to. Grit is extremely important as we live out our purpose because chances are some of things that we will need to do aren't exactl

The Power of Story

Why do we love movies, TV shows and books? It's the amazing power of story. Stories allow us to see and experience things that we don't experience in our everyday life. Personally, I love sci-fi! I love the ability to escape into a great movie with heroes and villains and impending doom! I love that the hero wins because I want so badly for the good guys to win in my story. Stories are relatable because they speak to a deep desire we have as human beings. The desire to matter

2021 Living a Life of Passion and Purpose *Guest Blogs*

Living an intentional and purposeful life can sometimes feel discouraging and as we try to live it out we may feel alone or isolated. This year I want to celebrate all the amazing people that are truly living a life of passion and purpose and it's starting right here on my blog! I've reached out to some amazing people that I know and have seen living lives full of passion and purpose. I asked them to share their experiences and wisdom as they pursue living out their faith, ca

2020 Holiday Blues

This year I have to say the holidays have me feeling down. I'm not sure exactly what it is... Maybe it's that life has changed so much in the last few years with kids leaving home and starting a new career as a life coach. Maybe it's all the stress and isolation brought on by COVID or the conflict all around me concerning the presidential election. Maybe it's the weather or maybe it's a combination of everything. When I think back over the last year I must admit it's been a r

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

I have a confession... I'm not perfect. I know, I know, feel free to take a seat. I'm sure this is a huge shock to all of you. For as long as I can remember I've tried to be perfect (except for the brief years when I said forget perfection I'll just be as stupid as I can) but hey, we'll just forget about those years. Every personality and temperament quiz I take shows that I strive for perfection. I like ordered, un-chaotic, no confrontation, peaceful perfection. At least I'm

Be Brave And Be You!

My chest tightened. My heart rate sped up. I could feel the tension in my shoulders. It was my nemesis... anxiety. I tell myself "Be brave, press in to the challenge." I grew up in a home where tensions ran high most of the time. I learned how to cope by shutting down emotionally and trying my best to not cause more waves. I learned how to anticipate needs and perform well whatever the situation. When I went through The Pathmaker assessment with my coach, the process of owni

Sparks and Flames

I'm surrounded by smoke from fires burning in Idaho, Oregon and California. If you look at a map it looks like my small part of the world is completely on fire and if you stepped outside my house you'd believe it. The air quality is wavering between hazardous and unhealthy and it's horrible. The sky looks orange, hazy and gloomy and everything is covered in a thin layer of dust and ash. You can smell the acrid scent of smoke and every time you inhale smoke fills your lungs a

The Power of Disappointment

I'm so disappointed! I've been planning a trip to see my daughter and her husband whom I haven't seen in almost a year and over the last few days (two days before I was planning on leaving) my plans have completely fallen apart. I don't get to go, I'm not sure when I'll get to, and there's nothing I can do to change the situation. The circumstances are hard to wrap my head around and I've been extremely frustrated with the whole process. I was heartbroken and disappointed the