Sparks and Flames

I'm surrounded by smoke from fires burning in Idaho, Oregon and California. If you look at a map it looks like my small part of the world is completely on fire and if you stepped outside my house you'd believe it. The air quality is wavering between hazardous and unhealthy and it's horrible. The sky looks orange, hazy and gloomy and everything is covered in a thin layer of dust and ash. You can smell the acrid scent of smoke and every time you inhale smoke fills your lungs a

The Power of Disappointment

I'm so disappointed! I've been planning a trip to see my daughter and her husband whom I haven't seen in almost a year and over the last few days (two days before I was planning on leaving) my plans have completely fallen apart. I don't get to go, I'm not sure when I'll get to, and there's nothing I can do to change the situation. The circumstances are hard to wrap my head around and I've been extremely frustrated with the whole process. I was heartbroken and disappointed the

What's your Slimy Pit?

We all have slimy pits in our lives. Places and situations that we wish we'd never visited and people that were destructive and damaging in our lives. Slimy pits are nasty stinky situations that we'd really rather not think about and absolutely never revisit. I've had my fair share of slimy pits and I know from experience that until I clean them up the stink follows me wherever I go and affects every relationship and situation that I find myself in. My ability to confront and

What does a Coach do?

Are you wondering what coaching is all about or maybe if it's even a valuable investment for you? I thought I'd share a bit of my personal story of being coached in a few different areas of my life but first, let's define what coaching is and what it isn't. Coaching isn't discipleship. Discipleship is an intentional relationship designed to strengthen the spiritual life of the person being discipled. It's an opportunity to share and learn spiritual truths and develop and/or

Thinker or Feeler

How do you process information? In the Pathmaker created by Strategic People Development we discuss how people process information as a thinker or a feeler. Think of information being received as balloons. The information (balloons) are coming at you at an incredible rate of speed and how you receive them determines how you are able to process information. A feeler doesn't see the balloons coming. The balloons just appear all around them. As information is presented to them t

Midlife Rant!

Seriously???? What's the deal with midlife? I thought that it would feel different than this. I thought it would involve more fun and adventure and less tears and hot flashes! I've talked with so many women in a similar stage of life as me and I'm blown away by the similarities. The tears, the loneliness, the anger, the grief and the frustration and indecision about what's next. For me it started as my children began leaving home. I began to wonder what I'd accomplished in my

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Do you know anyone who stretches the truth as far as it will go? Someone that exaggerates and you feel like tries to talk you into things constantly. Chances are they relate to the world through their words and want to make in impact on others through the things the say. In"The Pathmaker" developed by Strategic People Development we call this impact style a persuader. A persuader is someone who gains value and worth by making an impact on others by using their words. When use

Where Do You Get Your Information?

Where do you gather or acquire information from? I'm not talking about what search engine you use or the amazing high IQ person you have in your life that knows everything. I'm talking about your internal process for gathering information. In "The Pathmaker" developed by Strategic People Development we talk about this in terms of Realist/Futurist. A realist gathers information from the past (reality) they use their senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, hearing) to gather proven

What Does Purpose Look Like?

There is a lot of talk these days about purpose. Personal purpose, business purpose, family purpose and I love them all! Without purpose we wander aimlessly through our lives with no direction and without personal fulfillment and passion. How sad is that? All this talk about purpose brings up a really good point. How do I define purpose and figure out what mine is? This is one of the things I really love about "The Pathmaker." Created by Strategic People Development it walks

The Art of Listening for Understanding

Have you ever talked with someone and left feeling like they really saw you and that they valued what you shared with them? They probably had great listening skills. There are many different ways and reasons to listen. Sometimes we listen to music for the simple enjoyment of it and at other times we use music to express feelings that we are having difficulty expressing with words. We listen to teachers, instructors, pastors, and podcasts in order to learn. We listen to a frie

Brave Anyway!

Fear is a crazy thing! Fear doesn't have to make any kind of sense or be rooted in any sort of truth for it to stop us in our tracks. Personally, I have a totally unrealistic fear of snakes. I've never been bitten by one and I've never been chased by one (unless you count being chased with one by a boy in middle school) and yet I'm still afraid that they will run me down and eat me alive. Here's the really crazy part... I not only have a fear of snakes in general I have a fe

What Makes a Value (Part 3)

Values are interesting things. They drive us and motivate us. But, what happens when what we value is dismissed, critiqued and shamed. Our personhood suffers! We can't separate what we value from who we are as a human being and so, we feel personally dismissed, critiqued and shamed. If the value is a subconscious one it can be even more damaging. A subconscious value is like a background program running on a computer. We have to have it in order to operate correctly and can't

What Makes a Value (Part 2)

You've wrestled. You've discussed. You've discovered your core values. You may have also discovered that living from your values is associated with pain, disappointment, heartache, fear and shame. Here's a few examples: You value being in control and bringing order out of chaos but, you've been told that you're too much, too bossy and too controlling. You value recognition & appreciation. You love to know that what you are doing is making a positive impact on the people aroun

What Makes a Value

When you think about what you value what pops into your mind? So often we don't take the time to really think about what we value and ironically what we value determines our every step. Value is defined as "a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life." Values are what we use to determine if we are succeeding or failing and they are what keep us motivated in our relationships, our work and our recreation. We live and die by our v

Purpose...Motivated Role...Impact Style= Passion (Part 2)

Relationships, even the best ones are hard and take a lot of consistent work. We're surrounded by relationships; home relationships, work relationships, friends. How do we not only survive in our relationships but keep them healthy and growing? How do we live out our design, passion and purpose in our relationships? We learn to appreciate each others differences. It sounds simple doesn't it? But have you ever tried to appreciate someones differences in the middle of a conflic